Criteria covered Scenario Assessment method
P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, M2, M3, D2 Design, Install, configure and test system components. Perform routine maintenance. Witness statement Observation Records Screenshots
Test records

Task 3 Designing a System that Meets Business Needs

P4 is to recommend a computer system for a given business purpose

M2 is to justify choice of computer system to meet a given business purpose

It is the time to recommend Stephan to buy a computer and a photo printer. Your budget is £700.

Use Word to design the specification for his ideal system and list the main operations of setting up a new computer. Factors to consider could include: user requirements such as networking, maintenance contract, inputs/outputs required, processing power, storage capacity, accessibility (P4) Stephen is also to spend up to £2000 on this project for competitive purposes (playing at ESports). For this price, he must first provide a design/blueprint for a £700 computer system.

Justify your choice of computer system to meet the given purpose. Suggest at least one alternative set up and discuss why the alternative(s) could also be appropriate. (M2)


P2 – £700 recommended PC M2 – £2000 recommended PC Justify your choice
LOGITECH.jpgKeyboard & Mouse- LOGITECH MK120 Keyboard & Mouse Set (£13.99) @

High Definition Optical Mouse

470 x 50 x 230 mm
0.999 kg
Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7
2 x USB ports


e-blue.jpgCorsair K70 RGB Rapidfire (£165) @

Mechanical Gaming Keyboard @

1.8 Kg

47.5 x 21 x 8.5 cm with high power USB 2.0 port (+500mA)

for Windows 8, 10, Vista, XP

Corsair’s keyboard features keys that are highly more responsive than the Logitech. With Corsair, there is 100% Anti-Ghosting with 104 full key rollover on USB so every keystroke translates into accurate gameplay. There is easy-access dedicated multimedia controls so you can play music and video, not just games. Play, stop, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume directly from the K70. The K70 frame black anodized, brushed aluminium chassis has a professional-grade look and feel, plus the rugged durability you need for hours of gaming. The K70 keyboard also features deep red LEDs with adjustable brightness and key-by-key programmability.


The quality of language will be marked for M2.

Task 4 Build and Maintain a Computer System

P5 is to set up a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components

P6 is to configure a computer system to meet user needs

P7 is to test a configured computer system for functionality

P8 is to undertake routine maintenance tasks on a standalone computer system.

M3 is to evaluate the performance of a computer system.

D2 is to explain and justify improvements that could be made to a computer system.  

Task A This is a practical activity. You must show evidence of testing to ensure that the peripherals are working properly and you must provide evidence of working safely.

Now, you will need to show Stephan how to set up a standalone computer and connect peripherals to a computer system.

You will help him to install components such RAM/Graphics Card and connect at least three peripherals: printer, monitor, scanner, digital camera, microphone etc.

You will also need to show him how to install software (Microsoft Office 365 and two device drivers)

Use a Word document to present the evidence (photos and screenshots). A table format is recommended. You will need to annotate the images. (P5)


Today for P5 I will be safely installing one of the components of the PC. The component will be the hard drive. First of all I must set up and use an anti-static kit. This consists of a:

  • Wristband
  • Matt
  • a grounding plug
  • crocodile clip for joining the safety equipment to the PC and all the necessary wires.


I made sure to plug in the grounding plug. This ensures all static electricity is grounded properly.

Now that I have the necessary protection, I start by removing all the wires from the back, I make sure to remember which goes into the hard drive and where by using notes.


The Hard drive will be screwed onto the casing. I remove the screws and make note of this.


Here is the removed hard drive.


Anti-static kit (£49.99)



WD Everyday 3TB Internal 3.5 inch SATA III Hard Drive (£84.99)


Task B configure a computer system to meet user needs and test it. (provide screenshots and annotations)

(P6) Stephen wants you to:

  1. change the date and time
  2. icon size on desktop
  3. change the screen resolution and desktop theme/background to a London landmark
  4. set up 3 shortcuts on the desktop for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop
  5. configure the printer to default and the mouse’s buttons
  6. configure BIOS
  7. configure start-up options


Changing the date and time (using Windows 7 operating system)

  1. In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, I click or tap the notification areawhere I see the date and time.


  1. I then select Change date and time settings in the bottom of the window that appears. In the Date and Time window, under the Date and Time tab, I click the Change date and time


  1. After the adjustments I click OK.
  2. I Click OKon the main Date and Time window to save the changes.

To gain (P7), you also need to test the devices and software installed in P5, to ensure they work as intended.


Microsoft Office 365

Now that I’ve installed Microsoft Office 365 in P5, I will now open the Office apps from the Start menu and ensure that these apps work at intended.



Evidence shows the software Microsoft Office 365 installing in P5 is working without any issues.

Explain the benefits of each of the customisation. Judge if it is a positive change. For this one you need to “measure” the change in performance!  (M3)

The quality of language will be marked for M3


Measuring change in performance using Task Manager:


(OPTIONAL) Measuring change in performance using Windows Experience Index (image by Chris-PC)


The Windows Experience Index is a measurement that tells you how well your PC works with Windows and uses a base score to rate the experience you can expect. A higher base score usually means that your PC will be faster and more responsive than a PC with a lower base score.

Task C Carry out the following routine maintenance activities for Stephan and demonstrate how this improves the performance of his system (P8) with SCREESHOTS!

  1. Defragment the hard disk drive
  2. Manage your files and folders by creating, renaming organising them
  3. Carry out back up procedure, both original and back should be visible in the screenshot
  4. Replace your printers’ cartridges, photos
  5. Use disk clean up utilities and delete temporary files
  6. Set up scheduling for backup
  7. General cleaning of peripherals and ventilation grills
  8. Replacing damaged components


Defragmenting the hard disk drive

In the Start menu on the bottom-left side of the screen, I clicked on the search bar and type in “defrag”. “Defragment and optimize your drives” popped up and I clicked on it.


A window then appeared with details about the hard disk drive along with options to Analyze and Optimize these drives. Analysing the drives tell me how fragmented the drives are, and advised me whether or not I need to optimise it. When I chose to Optimize, this took me a few minutes to several hours depending on how fragmented my drive was. If I wanted to change when scheduled optimisations are due to happen, I can click on Change settings. This will modify the frequency as well how the drives are defragged. By default, this will happen on a weekly schedule, but there are also options for daily and monthly optimisations.


Third Party tool for Defragmenting ( FREE)


Defraggler lets you specify specific folders and files to defragment, and usefully includes an interactive drive map – a visual representation of how much space on your hard drive is free (white boxes), not fragmented (blue) and fragmented (red). This lets you target specific groups of files to defragment.

All evidences need to be labelled.

Help Stephan to improve his computer system.  He would like to install advanced graphics software and buy a better quality printer to print his photos. He is not sure if he needs more memory or any special upgrades. He is willing to spend another £1300. Make recommendations to him and justify the reasons for choosing the upgrade of an existing computer system. (D2)

  1. Research on graphics software, both FREE ones and the proprietary ones (paid for)
  2. Recommend one from each category based on merits
  3. Research one utility software
  4. Research one graphics card, or RAM or digital camera, choose one type of hardware device to recommend

Must produce report in Word Document.

The quality of language will be marked for D2

P5 Deadline end of November 2016 (Y/N)

P6 Deadline end of November 2016 (Y/N)

P7 Deadline end of November 2016 (Y/N)

P8 Deadline end of November 2016 (Y/N)

M3 Deadline end of November 2016 (Y/N)

D2 Deadline end of November 2016 (Y/N)

Health and safety


When working with wires and electricity, you may get hurt if you don’t take the necessary precautionary measures. This guide was designed in such a way, so that neither you nor the computer components get damaged.

  • To avoid electrocution, plug in the PSU to the main grid after installing all other components.
  • When assembling the hardware, be sure to do it on a stable, non-slippery surface.
  • Always screw in the screws all the way in, otherwise they might come off and your computer components might get damaged.
  • Another important thing is to ensure that no static electricity comes in contact with your hardware. While in the package box, computer components are put inside anti-static bags to prevent that from happening. When installing hardware always touch a metal part of the computer case to remove static electricity. You can also use a grounding wrist wrap. Take regular breaks at least every hour.