Information Technology

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U2 – Technology Systems

Why you are learning Unit 28

This unit provides a first look at how technology systems work. You will explore the common hardware components of technology systems such as a touch screen or a printer as well as the internal building blocks of a computer such as the processor, buses and memory. You will explore the software that brings the hardware to life such as operating systems and utility programmes, that support communication, management of resources and provide functionality to maintain the system. Finally you will learn about the role of applications software and CAD/CAM. This unit is particularly useful if you are considering a career in the IT sector, as it includes key concepts and processes which form the basis of any technology system and is relevant for many roles in the industry.

Unit Information

From this unit you will:

  • Understand how the components of technology systems work together
  • Understand how data flows between internal components of a computer and is processed to provide information
  • Understand different types of software